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How DesignContestScript Works -- Apr 25 2009, 7:43 AM

DesignContestScript is a script to create a design contest website. A design contest website is a site where someone who needs a design can launch a contest (we call it Contest Holder or simply CH) and designers can participate in the contest to submit their designs based on CH's requirements.

When CH launches a contest, they need to describe the design requirements, how long the contest will run and how much the prize (or prizes) that they offer to designers. If there are more than one prize then there will be more than one contest winner, each prize will be awarded to one design (thus it’s possible a designer wins more than one prize in a contest). CH can set the contest as guaranteed (will be explained later) and/or make the contest as private which is hidden from search engine and only accessible for registered users. There are some other options to enhance the contest listing like setting the contest title in bold or highlighting the listing background.

A guaranteed contest is a contest where CH pre-pays the prize before the contest launched. The prize needs to be transferred to you as the website owner, which you will transfer to the winning designers when the contest ends after CH selects the winner (how to transfer the prize will be explained later). A guaranteed contest will usually be able to build trust between CH and designers because winning designers are guaranteed to receive the prize and also encourage more designers to join the contest.

CH will need to pay the fee when launching a contest, it’s calculated based on the options selected (eg. bold listing, highlighted listing, set the contest as private etc). You can setup the fee for each contest category on Admin Panel. In addition you can also set the commission percentage that will be deducted from a guaranteed contest’s prizes, this is where you as the website owner make the money - I know your eyes are wide open now, this is the best paragraph so far eh ;), please continue reading this guideline to learn next process and how to take the prize commission -.

After the contest holder pays the fee, their contest will be live and listed in the contests listing so designers can participate in the contest to submit their designs. During the contest runs, the contest holder can give ratings and feedbacks to designers, in this way designers can alter their designs to provide better designs for contest holder.

A contest will not last forever so CH needs to select the winner of their contest (or winners if there are more than one prize), this can be done by nominating the designs that they like during the contest or after the contest passes its end date. Please note that the contest will end immediately if CH has selected the winner. If CH chooses to select the winner after the contest ends, they need to do it maximum 7 days after the contest ends.

After the contest’s winner are chosen, it’s time for designers to upload their final design file (if the contest is guaranteed), they will get a notification in their email where to upload the file. Then the CH can download the final design file from the system and confirm if everything is correct (confirmation will be made on website). If there is anything incorrect (eg. wrong file uploaded by designer) CH can contact the designer via Private Message system so the designer can re-upload the file.

You can choose to transfer the prize (for guaranteed contests where the prize was pre-paid to you) to winning designers periodically or immediately after CH’s confirmation. You can view the status of contest prizes on Admin Panel – View Prize Transactions. As being told previously, you can set the option to take some commission from prizes (in Categories Settings on Admin Panel). All of these will be calculated by the system based on category settings that you have setup, so when you’re generating the prize payment file (Admin Panel – Mass Payment) the prize amounts are already deducted with the commission. Then use your Paypal Mass Payment interface to transfer prizes to winning designers.

For a non-guaranteed contest, since there are no prizes being pre-paid then the system cannot handle the design delivery and the payment of prize(s). In this case, CH and winning designers need to communicate via Private Message system to deliver the final design file and to pay the prize. This is why it’s a good thing to recommend CH to make their contest guaranteed because other than building designers’ trust, it will also make the delivery process easier for them as everything are handled by the system.

We hope this guide can give you better understanding of our script, if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

Note: This guide will give you the overview of how the script works, however it may be changed depends on the script version, please check our script demo for the newest version.