DesignContestScript allows you to create a site that provides the best environment where contest holders and designers can meet together to accomplish the design needs.


For Site Owner:

  • New Improved Administration Panel to manage the site New
  • Using Ajax Data Tables for easy listing operation New
  • Multi Language (user can choose the language of site's front-end) New
  • Setup Contest Packages New
  • Set the fee for Featured Contest
  • Set the fee for Blind Contest
  • Set the fee for Private Contest
  • Set the fee for Listing Enhancements (Bold Title, Highlighted Listing)
  • Option to charge the contest fee before it's launched
  • Option to take commission from prize payment
  • Can have different fees for each contest category
  • Define preview dimension of design entries for each category
  • Generate Paypal Mass Payment file for prize payment
  • Using Smarty Template Engine for easy template modification
  • Set default currency
  • Grant Administrator Privilege for front-end (to make announcements and managing comments)
  • Custom Fields Setup (define your own additional fields for contest brief)
  • Custom Pages for creating FAQ, Help etc

For Contest Holders:

  • Launch a contest without prior registration (to attract more contest creation)
  • Set a Featured Contest (contest will be shown on top of listing)
  • Set a Blind Contest (designer cannot see other entries to protect design concepts)
  • Set a Private Contest (hidden from Search Engine, accessible only for registered members)
  • Invite Designer New
  • Eliminate Designer (prevent any designer from submitting more designs) New
  • Make a Guaranteed Contest (Prepay the Contest Prizes)
  • Launch a Contest with Multiple Prizes
  • Set the Contest Length, Listing Enhancements
  • Create contest attachments
  • Preview the Contest's Entries in easy way
  • Sort contest's entries
  • Give ratings to contest entries
  • Give feedbacks to designers
  • Nominate Designs for Easy Selection of Winners
  • Eliminate Design New
  • New comment indicator on contest page New
  • Report designer
  • Email notification when designers upload their winning designs
  • Account Management to view their activities

For Designers:

  • Submit their designs to contest
  • Set minimum prize for their designs
  • Add contests to their Watchlist
  • Discuss or reply contest holder's feedbacks
  • Withdraw Design
  • Report contest
  • Email notification when there are new contests launched
  • Email notification when they win the contest
  • Account Management to view their activities

For Viewers:

  • Give ratings to contest entries
  • Report contest (in case there is brand/ownership infraction)
  • Report designer (in case there is copyright infringement)

Other Features:

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Date and Time information will be automatically converted to user's time zone
  • Member's Role (member can choose as Contest Holder, Designer or Both, this will affect menus, pages and notifications)
  • Preview design in comments by referring to its #number
  • Login using email or user's name New
  • Top Designers Page New
  • Ajax commenting system New